Mini Beagles coming soon!

September 14

I am so excited about our girl, Jolly Merna!  She is my smallest Beagle girl and

she is abolutely pregnant!  She is blooming indeed.  I wondered if she had
indeed bred with our little Lemonade, but Lo and behold she did.  I am hoping
for some darling babies.  Roy just got thru putting her in the whelping area
yesterday.  She doesn’t quite know what to think of her new luxery quarters with

carpet all around.  We had to make some steps for her to be able to go inside
and out.  but she is adapting and I saw my Beagle girl cuddled up in it

I am thinking the pups should be small.  Likely 16 -18 lbs when grown.  I keep
having people request these smaller beagles!  I think most people want a beagle
tha t can function as a house pet, at least, part of the time!

However, I am keeping 2 of her girl puppies for myself for future use.  Now I
need to find a new little Beagle boy!  That should be fun to ship for.

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