Mini Beagle puppies due any day now!!


My pre-pregnancy look! Oh, to be skinny again.

Jolly Merna, my smallest beagle puppy is due to have her puppies any day now!  She is so big that she can hardly walk up the doggie door to go outside.  I keep hoping for a surprise when I look in on her little whelping box each morning.  But she is still eating really well, so I doubt it will be tomorrow.  Usually the mama dog quits eating several hours before giving birth….  I am hoping for at least one lemon colored puppy, since the daddy Lemonade is the lemon and white color.  This will be Lemonade’s  1st litter that he sired.  Lemonade is one happy, carefree, little beagle.  I seriously doubt that he understands this big event.  All he cares about is the hugs and loving that he gets from me.

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