Mini Beagles Born in Kansas

Jolly Merna, my smallest beagle girl finally had her puppies.  She has 1 little lemon and white girl. And 2 boys.  One boy is the classic tri-color and the other boy is a beautiful chocolate!  I am so proud of her!  This is her very first litter and she is truly a good mama.  the first puppy she popped out was the biggest boy.  His name is Cocoa.  He is the biggest little piggy.  You can be sure that he always gets his fair share of mama’s milk.  The little girl is Leona and she looks like her daddy,. Lemonade.  She definitely has that gorgeous lemon color.  The smaller boy, I call Leo.  He is quite a go getter.  His size has drastically increased in the 2 days that he has been here.  Apparently, he doesn’t let his bigger siblings boss him around any. 

Mama is just 15 lbs, so I expect these little babies to stay rather small.  Daddy is around 19 lbs.  So these little beagles will make just the perfect size for a house pet.

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