Mini Beagles getting Fat!

My 3 little beagle babies are getting fat.  Mama has only 3 babies and she is feeding them well.  I have never seen such fat little babies.  Their eyes are just barely slitting,  I am thinking they will be open tomorrow!  Then it will be a whole new world for them.  Jolly, the mama, loves getting petted and hugged each morning when I go out to see her.  The vet gave me some pills for her and she has been really good about swallowing them for me.  She is such a good dog.  Lemonade, the daddy beagle, has no clue what is going on.  He is just happy to play with his friends.  He has no clue about his new family!  How is that for a life, becoming a dad, and having absolutely NO responsiblities to feed your family.   My beagles are carefree and love to get in on any new action on our farm.  Soon we will be getting more cows next door and I bet they will be barking with excitement and wondering what those strange big creatures are.

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