Beagle puppies getting Fat!

My three beagle puppies are getting very fat!  With only 3 puppies to feed, mama is feeding them more than enough.  Truly I have never seen such fat puppies.  Cocoa the biggest one has actually given me a grunt of displease when I disturb his sleeping body.  i cant help picking them up to pet and love on them.  They are simply irrestible.  I have to hold them a little bit.  I did notice they are moving around a little bit in their box now.  Wont be long and they will be walking and seeing where they can find trouble.  Its fun to watch them when they finally find mama beagles feed.  I know it won’t be long now.  Mama beagle is beginning to take little breaks from them too, I notice.  I am sure that she needs that occasionally.  She sure loves being petted and soaking up attention from me..  She is my favorite little mini beagle, just a sweetie all the way thru!

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