Italian Greyhounds puppies are Weaned

My 4 Iggy puppies are finally weaned!  I am so proud of them.  They still miss mama, but they are eating completely on their own now.  Mama Italian Greyhound, Brite Lite, has moved back in with her adult family now.  It will take some time for her to get adjusted, I know she misses her little puppies..  But she gets to see them at playtime and they go right next to her area and sniff thru the fencing.  Her milk bags are still swollen buut I do think she enjoys playing with all her old friends.  The 4 Iggy puppies are still grouped together in this 1st phase to make it easier dealing with the separation from Mama.  Later I will change their grouping and place them in 2 separate areas with 2 pups apiece.  This helps them prepare for the soon approaching day when they will all go their separate ways to their new adoptive home.  I am sure that 2 of their adoptive families are counting off the days before they can bring them home.  Italian greyhound puppies are so much fun to watch.  They are really getting attatched to me the caretaker already.  They eagerly greet me when I come see them each morning.

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