Beagle puppies getting Cuter every day!

My beagle puppies are getting cuter each day!  It is so much fun to see them jumping up and down and begging for me to pick them up each morning.  They know I bring them love and Dog chow.  They are beginning to catch on and have decided that wet dog food is pretty tastey! 

Bad news this week for them though.  I have to give them 3 days of Panacure for Deworming..  It has a nasty taste and they already trying to wiggle their heads to keep from getting the nasty dose.  But everybody knows medicine is nasty, but GOOD for us.  Even beagle puppies.

I only have 3 in this litter of beagles, but already I think 2 will soon have deposits place on them.  Only 1 more boy is left for sale.  I knew this was the very prettiest batch of beagles that I have ever had.  I have been quite tempted to claim the little girl for myself.  But I know I can’t keep them all.  Instead I will be content to watch them 2 more weeks until their new owners come to claim them.  You just can’t find a cuter puppy than a beagle.

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