Italian Greyhound Puppies Everywhere!

Ig puppy:  Handsome boy

Iggy Puppy: Handsome Boy!

Whee!  We sure are busy around here!  New Italian Greyhound babies have arrived from Peace and Lucy.  And 3 more litters due next week!  And guess what, One very unexpected one:  my girl, Faith was very private about the whole matter.  Lo and Behold she came up pregnant after all!  She sure is quiet about it.  I was guessing she was a no go and didn’t really count on her, but she surprised us.  She has been gaining weight but not in the tummy.  Today, I noticed milk bags hanging down,  a dead give away.  Faith will be moving into her whelping area tonight.  My husband Roy is fixing up a whelping box right as I speak.  We can’t take chances on our babies.  I know who the daddy is:  Our gorgeous Lion of Judah.  He is one of my favorite, Italian Greyhounds.  He would let me pet him for hours.  He is all about affection.

Peace gave us 3 gorgeous Iggy boys!  Lucy gave us 1 Iggy boy and 4 Iggy girls.  Absolutely beautiful and doing very well!  These Italian Greyhound mamas are amazing:  always know just what to do with these lovely babies!

Every morning when I wake up, I always wonder what surprises will be waiting on me when I see my doggie family.

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