Italian Greyhounds are Keeping us busy!

Gracey, my Iggy girl, just had 6 new puppies today!   And more are on the way.  Who only knows how many MORE  Little Italian Greyhound babies are waiting to pop out of that huge watermelon tummy..   I’m still guessing.  I think by midnight we should have a final count on this amazing dog.  She did have one accident though.  For some unknown reason, she decide to give birth to one baby boy outside in the cold wind.  I was scooping up doggie pies when I came across it.  It was barely alive and very cold.  I rubbed it off and stuck it in her bed with her.  Her bed is heated to about 90-95 degrees.  When I checked a short time later, the little thing was moving all around and crying loudly for milk from mama.  I say “Thank you,  God”   for that little miracle.   I know God must have led me to scoop doggie doo at that particular time.  He knew that a little Iggy puppy needed help.  It’s amazing to watch God’s Hands in the little everyday things that we do.  God cares about my little Italian Greyhound mamas.

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