More Italian Greyhound Puppies in NorthEast Kansas

Great news!  We are getting more Italian Greyhound puppies today!  Joy, my blue girl, is giving birth right now.  I am so excited!  I am hoping we will get 1 or 2 blue girls out of this litter.  So far, we have 1 red girl.  One baby died because it decided to come out back feet 1st.  I sure hate losing a puppy.  But, I’m glad my mama girl is doing fine!   Hopefully, I will see more Iggy babies laying with her the next time I check.  My other Italian greyhound babies born from Lucy girl are doing great.  She looks so sweet huddled over her 5 new babies!  Faith, another girl, ended up having one little girl on Saturday.  She is doing great too.  I named her new puppy, Priscella.  She is absolutely beautiful!  I already have 2 friends agonizing over her already.  I did tell them that they will have to waitt till January before they are allowed to take her home.

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