Kansas Beagles get their pictures taken!

My 10 beagle puppies are getting bigger every day!  But, yesterday was picture day at our kennel.  Their mamas were quite distressed about me taking their babies away for a few minutes.  But, pictures don’t take very long and soon they were returned to their mamas.  They didn’t know quite what to think of my photo table.  It wasn’t as warm as their whelping box with mama.  Their eyes are still closed and they didn’t understand why sucking on my fingers didn’t get them milk.  One of my older beagles, Taylor, was hoping that I would give the puppies to her.  Taylor just can’t understand why all the babies are not hers.  She loves having babies and goes nuts if other dogs have babies.   We had to make her wait out this breeding season because I didn’t have enough room for another mama and babies.  So Taylor didn’t get to breed this season.  I think she is rather sad about that!  Taylor is the best beagle mama that I have.  I sure do hate to short her this time.  But you have to make sure that you have all the space required before you let them breed for more puppies!  My pictures of my beagle puppies did turn out really well.

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