Italian Greyhounds are cold in Northeast Kansas!

Our Italian Greyhounds are finding the Kansas weather simply unbearable.  With 8 inches of snow on a sheet of ice, they have decided to hibernate in thier 72degree kennel building.  Only the bravest, go outside to  potty in this nightmear.  My husband Roy scooped snow and tried to get rid of all the ice in their outdoor areas to encourage them to come outside.  A few accepted his noble invitation!  Most have decided to venture outside strictly for business porposes only.  Italian Greyhounds HATE snow!!  Mine are no different.  They do most all thier playtime inside.    We really spoil our Italian Greyhound family with warm heat pads on the floor for them to cuddle on.  My IGGys are dreaming of sunshine and and butterflies to chase!!

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