Kansas Beagle gets teeth cleaned!

Taylor, my sweet little beagle girl,  got her teeth cleaned at the vet today!   I think she enjoyed the trip over to the vet, riding in the front seat of my car.  But, she was sadly dissappointed when I left her at the vet’s office.   I didn’t leave my beagle girl for long!  I arrived at 1pm to pick her up, for the return trip home.  I think she loved the extra attention she recieved in the front seat of my car.  She felt priveledged, because the 2 italian greyhounds had to ride in pet carriers.  And she got the front seat with me.  Plus, she liked the attention my 3 year old son gave her from the back seat.  She even tried sitting on his lap.  I was quick to inform her that beagles are too big to sit on a 3 year olds lap!   Taylor is getting ready to move to a new home in Oregon.  We are retiring her from our breeding program.  I think she is going to love learning to be a house pet in her new home in Oregon.

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