Kansas Italian Greyhounds get a Nail trim!!

My Italian greyhounds all got a trim job on their nails!   My husband, Roy, gently pets and strokes the dogs to get them relaxed.  Then it is my job to cut their toe nails!  None of our Italian Greyhounds like the process.  But, they sure look a lot better after the job is done.  Who likes long toe nails on a dog?  It is disgusting!!  So we trim their nails about every 3 weeks.  Some of our Iggys are pretty easy going about the process.   But, we have a few that cry even before they the clippers touch them.  1 or 2 try to nip me in the process.  I never take it personally, I know they are just scared.  We just keep talking sweet to them.  It is all part of being an Italian Greyhound!  Nails grow fast, even when you are running on our concrete patio area.

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