Kansas Beagle pups held by a 3 year old!!

My tricolor beagle puppies recieved a visit from my son Zane tonight!  He specifically asked to go see the puppies with mama tonight.  Zane told me that he wanted to hold the puppies!  He wanted to sit by Nicky, my mama beagle, and hold her puppies.  Nicky didn’t mind the visit at all.  She is used to seeing Zane.  The beagle puppies all jumped on their tippy toes and begged for him to pick them up.  They love the attention!  Zane was very careful to hold them with 2 hands and very gently held them.  He loves puppies and apparently they love him.  I ask him about visiting Sheryl and her 4 lemon beagle puppies.  He said “No”!    He just wanted to pet the tri-colors.  Funny how a 3 year old has an opinion about the color of puppies already!

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