Kansas Italian Greyhound plays with beagle puppy!

I have one Italian Greyhound puppy that is enjoying playing with the last older beagle pup that I have left.  The italian greyhound puppy is one of my smaller ones.  Just weighs 5 lbs.  The beagle puppy is weighing about 8 lbs.  The italian greyhound puppy holds her own very well.  She loves to play rough and tumble with the beagle.  The beagle is not nearly so fast and pretty clumsey compared to the italian greyhound.    But it sure is fun to watch them play.  I put them together to give my little beagle some company.  All of her litter mates are sold and she doesn’t like being by herself.  They even enjoy eating out of the same feed box.  They seem like perfect companions!  I think it will be sad for them to part with each other, after so much fun playing together.

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