Beagle adjusting to new home in Kansas!

Our newest, beagle, Scout is finally adjusting to his new home in Kansas.  He is a little over 2 years old and a gorgeous tricolor.  We bought Scout from a beagle breeder in Nebraska.  He is slowly getting used to our routine.  He arrived really scared and unsure of himself.  He is gradually coming out of his shell.  He has learned to come when I call him.  And he enjoys being petted and given a tour of all the other dogs in our kennel building.  He is not allowed to run with the other beagles because he has one more test to pass at the vet’s office.  We test all our dogs when we buy adult breeding stock.  We want to make sure they are healthy and top notch before breeding them.    I am sure he will be delighted when we finally allow him to run with all the other beagles.

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