Kansas Beagles Pass AKC Inspection!!

Today was an exciting day for our little beagle family!  They had a visitor from the AKC inspection team.  He checked our kennels and also inspected our beagles.  We passed with flying colors!  He runs a scanner over our beagles and makes sure they match up with their paper work in my office.  Then he checks to make sure the facilities are adequate and my beagles are properly taken care of.  He did notice that all my beagle pups are going thru the 1st stage of weaning and they were crying loudly when he arrived.  This is their 1st time for 6 hours without mama.  We have had several 30 minute periods, but this was the 1st long interval of time.  Whenever they see me, they make the assumption that I will turn them back over to mommy.  Hopefully, we will complete this weaning process in about a week.  Our puppies did pretty good, I noticed several droppings and food scattered.  This is a good sign that they are catching on to this dog chow thing!!

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