Kansas Italian Greyhounds Pass AKC Inspection!!

Our Italian Greyhound family had a visitor from the AKC inspection team.  They were a little timid with this strange man.  However, TiggerTails, our brave and bold one,  was Quite alright with the man, until he had to do his cheek swab for the agent.  He was sadly let down, that this would not be a new person to come and pet him!  I always joke that ole Tiggertails would go to a firing squad, if they offered to pet him 1st!   TiggerTails is one of those dogs that thinks humans exist only to pet and hold him.  He is one attention grabbing Iggy!!    It is still a mystery to me that we have not sold, Tiggertails one last puppy.  Any puppy coming from this Italian Greyhound is bound to be friendly!!  So hopefully we will find a home this week for my 1 italian greyhound left!  After that, we will have a big space before we have any more puppies.  Hoppy Hope is just now breeding, but it will be 9 weeks before we get puppies from her.  I am hoping Brite Lite will come in season soon.

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