Kansas Beagles take a trip to the Vet!

All our beagle babies went to the vet for their 1st check up!  They were not to happy about it either.  They cried all the way to the vet’s office.  Apparently car riding is not their thing!  My mama beagle, Nicky, got to go with us for a health visit.  Nicky was prouder than a peacock riding in the front seat in the passenger side.  She absolutely loves car rides,  she looked out the window and sat in her seat like a good girl.   She wasn’t too impressed with the vet experience, but the ride home in the front seat, made up for that small annoyance.  The beagle babies were a completely different issue.  They do not like riding in a pet carrier in a car, not one little bit.  Their reward for going:  a visit with mama, and snuggling and warm milk snacks for all!    Hopefully  it made up for the horrible trip to the vet! 

Tonight is thier last night with mama!  All beagle babies will be officially weaned tomorrow.  Now we will watch them grow and mature a little more.  Then they will be off sailing to their brand new home!!  I like that, then I can hear about all the new friends they have made.

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