Kansas Beagles Eating Well!

All of our 10 beagle puppies are eating very well, without mama.  They start begging for food, as soon, as they see me.  I have been feeding them 3 times per day.  In the mornings, they eat their food with water poured on top.  We place it in a frisbee for easy eating.  They love it!  Then, they discover the joys of playing with the frisbee and flipping it over.  They are just like 2year old toddlers that love to play with their food!  Both mama beagles are doing well and enjoying a much needed rest from raising babies.  They are running and romping with their other beagle friends.  Our farm dog, Gus, is the designated exercise instructor.  He takes his job very seriously!  He runs down to the dog building and outdoor patio area and runs along their fence line.  My beagles love it!  They dash outside and bark and greet him loudly!  Then the fun begins, up and down the fence line our exercise instructer goes.  Even the Italian Greyhounds get in on the fun.  Gus is one of our special volunteers who works for a bowl of dog food and a few table scraps each day!

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