Kansas Italian Greyhounds Going Crazy!

Our Italian Greyhounds are going crazy!  They feel the breath of spring in the air.  Now we have 4 of them in season.  Our male, Lion of Judah gets 2 girls and our male, Tiggertails gets the other 2 girls.  Lots of good, ole fashioned, romping and loving going on in the italian greyhound family.    It never ceases to amaze me, how they can know when the room next door is having a good loving session.  The other Iggy’s know it and they start getting excited and jumping up and down.  Once we even had an Iggy jump over a 4 foot wall to try to join in on the action.  That was our dear Tiggertails.  I do declare, he is quite animated.   He says he wants to be a part of every love event around here!  I have tried to explain to him, that he can only be with 2 girls:  one at a time.   You would think that he would get the picture!  But, he is jealoss of Lion of Judah getting his 2 girls.  Italian Greyhounds, such as Tiggertails, make life interesting around here!

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