Kansas Italian Greyhound Waiting to be Adopted!

Little Hector, my 4 and 1/2 month old Iggy is aching to join a new home!  Hector enjoys hugs and being talked to.  However, this little Italian greyhound is wondering why all his siblings have left!    The only puppies he has to play with are beagles.    And sadly, the beagle puppies will start to leave THIS Saturday for their new homes.  Hector has tried to be patient, but he is wondering WHEN his turn will come!  He doesn’t know it, but this weekend, I have placed an ad on our local radio station to help him fulfill his dream.  In addition, my little boy and I have prayed that Hector will be placed soon!  He is such a treasure, I can’t imagine why he hasn’t been chosen already.  He is such a Beautiful Italian Greyhound!

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