Kansas Beagles going to New Homes!

My little family of beagle puppies are getting smaller!  Why?  They are being picked up by excited new owners!  The remaining beagle puppies are rather sad!  Where are their brothers and sisters going?   The toughest thing for me is too see the last one waiting to leave.   That last little puppy is just so terribley sad when everyone else has left.  I have been known to mix beagle puppies and Italian greyhound puppies just to give them a little comfort.  But this time, I am afraid I won’t have that option.   I think the last little beagle puppy is scheduled for March 23 to fly to a new home.  This little beagle will likely have 1 week to spend by herself before leaving for her new home.   It  is so much more fun when they have somebody else to play with!

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