Kansas Italian Greyhound Entertaining a 3 Year old!!

Hector, my only Italian Greyhound puppy, is very entertaining to my 3 year old boy!  Tonight my 3 year old begged to see his puppies.  He is very concerned that soon they might be “ALL gone” .  He knows that we had a customer here this afternoon that took one of his beagle puppies home with them.  So he tagged along with me to check on our puppies tonight.  1st we turned Hector out to romp down the kennel aisle.  My 3 year old just thinks this is so much fun, seeing Hector stir up all the other dogs in the kennel.   This little Italian Greyhound checks out everybody, even the beagle dogs.  He is just too friendly, kissing noses with all the dogs in the kennel.    As always, he checks for any kernels of dog food left over from the adult dogs!   Hector wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to try “Big Doggie food”.

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