Kansas Beagles are Getting Tubby!

Our little Beagle babies are getting to be Chubs!  The mini beagles are weighing about 6 lbs.  The regular size beagles are weighing in at 9 lbs.  You can sure tell the difference between the 2 sizes now!  Both litters of beagles stayed the same for so long.  At times, you could detect a small difference.  But lately, it has become very noticable.  Without a doubt, we know which ones will be BIG and which ones will be SMALL!    These little porkers can chow on the food!  They start begging for more food, the minute they see me.  Doesn’t really matter the time of day.  They think food, whenever they see me!   A couple of them look like they may need to sign up for Weight Watchers!

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