Kansas Italian Greyhound Has 2 Dating Pardners!

Tigger Tails, my little Italian Greyhound is feeling quite Lucky today!  He had one date with Brite Lite this morning and another date this evening with Peace.   Tigger tails doesn’t know much about the romance part, but he is real familiar with the bed romping part.   Give him 2 minutes and he is ready to snuggle with his girls.   Yes, without doubt, Brite Lite and Peace should both, be pregnant little Iggies.  Sad to say, Tigger Tails is not the least bit concerned about supporting his fast growing family!  I think He is just content to eat, play and sleep each day.  This little Italian Greyhound hasn’t seen the need to be a responsible daddy!  He has signed that off to me.  Matter of fact, He fully expects ME to support his growing family.  Such nerve, from this little Iggy!

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