Kansas Beagles getting Impatient!

My little beagle puppies do not appreciate seeing me, mop and scrub the kennel floor!  Matter of fact, they voiced their disapproval with loud whining and barking.   They were so noisy, I could scarcely concentrate on my project at hand!  I think basically, they were extremely annoyed that they were not fed the instant I walked in the kennel this morning.  Having to wait till I was finished mopping the floor was more than their appetites could stand.  After all, aren’t the needs of babies supposed to be 1st and foremost?  I, on the other hand, was simpley wanting to get the most disagreeable chore done 1st!  Feeding and tending to them is a most enjoyable task!  Why not get the rotten tasks done 1st?  I figure learning to wait is part of the growing up process!  They most certainly did not agree.

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