Kansas Italian Greyhounds making friends with Beagles!

My two Italian Greyhounds, Lucy and Faith, are rooming with new beagle friends.  Actually they are getting along very well.  It is only a temporary arrangement to accomodate our stud muffin, Tigger Tails.  He thinks he needs a romantic suete to entertain his little girlfriends.  So we give Tigger Tails and his girl some privacy so they can get their love sessions accomplished without any interuptions.   And the waiting girls get time to get chummy with the beagle girls.   Emmy and Viola take thier role as beagle hosts quite seriously.  They make the Iggys feel right at home.  And believe it or not, They even share their food with the Italian Greyhound girls.  Now that is asking a lot of beagles!  They  cherish and relish thier food with pleasure!

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