Kansas Italian Greyhound gets Teeth Cleaned!

Gracey, my little Italian Greyhound, took a trip to the vet today!  It was time to get her teeth cleaned!  She really enjoyed the ride down, because she got to ride up front with me.   I am sure she wondered where we were going, but she didn’t see to mind since it meant getting extra attention.  Scout, my little beagle, went for the same reason!  Poor little guy, he was really frightened about the ride.  He sat on my lap for the entire trip!  Gracey and Scout both behaved well, and remembered their manners in the vet’s office.  Nobody bit the vet and all went smooth!  Gracey was very dissappointed about the ride home!  She was expecting the front seat again.  I hated to break the news but I had several stops on the way home.  Therefore, she had to ride in her pet carrier.  This little Italian Greyhound was not one bit happy about that!  She whined and signed all the way home!  What an insult to such a fine trip!  Scout, on the other hand, could have cared less.  He curled up and went to sleep!

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