Kansas Italian Greyhounds getting Plump!

2 of my Italian Greyhounds are definitely showing their pregnancy!  Little Hoppy and Lucy are starting to pop those titties!  Got the look of milk waiting to happen for babies.  Both Iggy’s are starting to stretch their bellies also.  Definitely strutting the pregnancy look!  Both of the girls have just 3 more weeks to go!  I will be looking for some really cute babies!  Lucy has always provided us with a variety of colors!  Blues, seals, fawns and reds too.  This is Hoppy’s 1st run, so she will likely surprise us with her colors.  She is a blue fawn and daddy is a seal color.  Fawn is a recessive gene, so you never really know what color the babies will be.  I am guessing she will have some seals and hoping for some blues.  Italian Greyhounds are mysterious in their baby numbers.  I never know what to expect:  I have had 1 in a litter and I have had as many as 7 in a litter.  They keep me guessing on this Kansas Farm!

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