TINY Kansas Beagle has Puppies Today!

Jolly Merna, our smallest beagle, here on our Kansas Farm, had 7 puppies today!  Our little beagle mama is only 17 lbs.  I am surprised that she could actually fit 7 puppies in her little belly!  Mama and babies are  all doing very well.  All nested quietly with mama and nursing good.  I counted 3 tricolor little beagle boys and 4 tan and white beagle girls.  They are all just simpley adorable!  My favorites are the tan and white girls.  I am not sure whether to call them, tan, red or brown.  It is just an absolutely gorgeous color!!!  I am so proud of our beagle mama!  This is only her 2nd litter and she did quite well.  I went in to check on her and she had 6 pups all dried off and sleeping.  She just kept crying and crying for me.  I gave her a shot of oxyetocin and went to call the vet about her.  I wondered why she was crying so.  I went back to see her and SURPRISE was waiting on me.  She was very comfortable and relieved and had a new puppy to show for all her efforts.

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