Kansas Italian Greyhounds get Front Line Treatment!

Today, 4 of our Italian Greyhounds recieved Front Line flea repellant treatment.  Most of them took it with grace and appreciated the extra attention.  However, Our Highly Intelligent Gracey decided she wanted none or this new treatment.  Matter of fact, she walked outside on me and refused to come back to see the other 3 dogs being doctored.  Gracey gets very suspicious when Meds start rolling around!   She hates anything that even looks like medicine.  She is already very put out with me for giving her 5 days of SMZ to prevent uterine infection during the mating season for her.  5 days was way too much medicine for her taste buds.  She would see me with the little syringe and off she would run.  Well this morning, I tricked her into thinking that she could escape the flea treatment.  I acted like I was done and started giving the little Iggys my goodbyes for this morning.  Now that little Italian Greyhound doesn’t want to MISS out on any kind of loves and attention.  She stayed around long enough for to grab her and apply guess what?  Front Line.  She was pleasently surprised to discover that I didn’t require any liquid to go inside her mouth!   So we will be hoping to continue to be FLEA FREE here at our little farm in Kansas!

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