Kansas Beagle Pups get 1st Photo!!

Our Beagle pups recieved their 1st picture today!  They were sleeping with Mama Beagle and didn’t seem to care too much!  Our lovely Mama Beagle, Jolly Merna, wasn’t so cooperative and refused to pose for me.  So guess what!  I just snapped a pic of her babies and didn’t worry about it!  Our little mama has bigger things to worry about.  Like being made to go to the vet 1st thing this morning.  She wasn’t too happy about leaving her babies, but they survived just fine without her.  And the Vet gave her some special medicine to make her feel more comfortable.  I tried to tell her that it was very much worth the trip!

Our beagle puppies!

Robin Girl!!

Our 7 beagle pups

The black looking puppies are the tri-color pups.  The lighter pups are red or tan.

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