Kansas Italian Greyhound in Season: She’s Blue!!

Oh, happy days are ahead for me!  My little JoyBells is in season!  She is my one BLUE Italian greyhound!  I am absolutley thrilled!  Everybody keeps asking for Blue Iggy puppies and now I have a clear shot at getting some.  Blue is a recessive gene and so I won’t get a lot!  But, I sure hope for 1 or 2 blue puppies from dear little JoyBells.  She is absolutely beautiful and I paired her with my Tigger Tails.  They should make a very stunning couple indeed.  Tigger Tails is already getting excited about her.  Joy Bells informed him that he would have to wait for a week before she was ready for the Loving Thing!  You know how dogs are.   It has got to be the correct day or the girl says she is just not interested.

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