Kansas Italian Greyhounds growing PLUMP Bellies!

Our 2 italian greyhounds, Lucy and Hoppy, are definitely developing round tummies!  Lucy, in particular, is getting quite the pregnant look!  I am beginning to wonder if I have miscalculated her due date incorrectly.  With Lucy, I can never be terribley sure!  She is one HOT Italian Greyhound!  She bred so many days in a row, I don’t know which date her babies started growing.  I have never seen such a sexy GIRL!  I finally decided that she had enough fun!  Particularly since, we needed her boyfriend to date another one of our Iggy girls!  Hoppy on the other hand is growing rather nicely, but not such a tremendous belly.  Hoppy is a little easier to predict.  Time will tell I am sure!  I can hardly wait for my little Iggy babies coming soon.

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