Kansas Italian Greyhounds take Medicine!

Our 2 Italian Greyhounds, Joybells and Tiggertails, recieved medicine today to prevent infection while they are breeding.  It is a pink medicine that we call SMZ and it  is administered by mouth.  It does taste pretty good, although you won’t see them admitting it!  Joybells declared she wouldn’t be taken any, but I held her mouth and told her to swallow it!  Tiggertails is not afraid of anything!  As long as he gets some extra loving from me in the process!  He nearly jumps into my arms just to be held and petted!  Joybells is rather smart, she saw me mixing it up!  She wasn’t so ready to come to me.  She knew what I had in store for her!  Too smart for her own good!!  These little Italian Greyhounds are very intelligent!

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