Kansas Beagles are Weighed!

Today we put one of our bigger beagle puppies on the scale!  You won’t believe how much he has grown since birth.  He weighed in at 1 lb and 8 oz.  This little beagle puppy was one of the bigger ones.  So I weighed a smaller beagle puppy!  It weighed only 3 ounces lighter.  I was kind of amazed at the size difference in just 3 ounces.  This little puppy was nearly the smallest in the litter.  When the puppies were born they were weighing about 9 oz total.  I am just literally amazed att how fast they develop!  I noticed one of the beagle pups starting to scoot around.  Not walking, that comes later, but scoot on it’s belly.  It was pretty cute to watch!  All of the puppies have plump little bellys and seem to eating well from Mama Jolly Merna!

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