Kansas Italian Greyhounds see a new puppy!

My little Italian greyhounds were given a rare opportunity today!  They have been listening to the sound of new beagle puppies for over a week now.  The beagle puppies are right next to their room in the kennel.  And they can hear the sounds and they have been curious.  Occasionally I have allowed the mama to take a break with my Italian Greyhounds and run with them for a while.  They recieve her with joy and enjoy the short visits.  Well today, I held up one of her puppies and allowed them to see it.  All the Iggys were rather curious about it.  They have seen me give the pups  worming medicine, but I have never allowed them the priveledge to see one really close.  I think they all recognized what the puppy is.  Especially the IGs that have had litters of puppies in the past.   I am hoping my 2 Italian Greyhounds that are due in 12 days will be ready for a litter of puppies their own!

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