Kansas Beagle Puppies Eyes Open!

Exciting news for my little beagle babies!  Their eyes are beginning to open.  Most of them have just one eye squinting!  But one beagle baby has both eyes half open.  My little 3 year old boy even noticed!  He was concerned why they weren’t all the way open.  I had to explain to him that we couldn’t poke them open, but they were babies and when they grew a little more they would open all the way up.  It was truly a brand new thought to him.  I love this age in those little puppies!  Tomorrow morning when I get up, I will  run to their little bed and see if any more have those little eyes open.   Sometimes it takes a couple of days for every puppy in the litter to get their eyes open.    Mama beagle tolerated my little boy sitting next to her bed full of puppies.  Beagles are so patient with children!  That is why I enjoy raising this breed!  Beagles and children are like peanut butter and jelly.  They just belong together!

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