Kansas Italian Greyhounds get Toenails clipped!

Our family of Italian Greyhound got their toenails clipped today!  Definitely not their favorite activity!  In fact, a few Iggys tried to hide from mama.  But nobody excapes on toe nail day!  I simpley cannot stand long untrimmed nails.  Plus Italian Greyhounds greatly appreciate the process when it is all over with.  It is nice to walk on your feet and not crimp your style with super long nails.  And they get a great belly rub from my husband in the process!  His job is rub their bellys and totally relax them.  He talks very kind to them too!  They adore the special attention part.  In fact we had one Italian Greyhound who didn’t want to get out of his lap when I was done trimming his nails.  That is Dear little Tiggertails! Tiggertails will do absolutely ANYTHING to gain extra attention!  The other day while I was cleaning his den down on my knees really working, He dived right into my arms.  He declared petting him was of MUCH greater importance than a clean bedroom.  I had to smile and stop and give him his dose of lovings for the day!

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