Kansas Italian Greyhound Babies Here!!!

Hoppy with her Babies!

Prince Charles Boy!

Weston Boy!

Our little Italian Greyhound Hoppy had her 1s litter of pups last night!  I am so excited!  We have 3 BLUES!  1 Seal, and 1 Fawn Blue ( I think)!  The little seal, I call Prince Charles!  This little Iggy is so adorable and such GorGEOUS Markings.  We have a little girl called Pearl that is beautiful with white markings!  I am so excited to recieve such a variety from this mama Iggy!!  The daddy for our little babies,.  is Lion of Judah!  He is just the most sweetest IG!  He simpley loves to be held and petted.  Little Hoppy totally surprised me, I thought had her due date pegged for NEXT Friday.  And she wasn’t very big either.  I went in to check on her at 10pm last night and surprises awaited me.  Then I checked a little later and 3 more had arrived.   I bounced back to check on her several more times thruout the night and Hoppy did well with her new little Italian Greyhound puppies!

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