Kansas Beagles Puppies Enjoy NAP Time!

Our little beagle puppies are enjoying their nap times more!  They are getting more mobile all the time.  Definitely crawling really well!  They are very deliberate where they pick their napping zone.  They know exactly how to find the cooler areas of the whelping box.  When they get there some even lay on their back to nap.  It is just so darling cute to see them like this!  But DONT wake them up!  Little Rachel and Robin get a little fussy ,  when you interupt the nap time.   They definitely tell you about it!  The other beagle puppies tolerate my waking them up and checking them every so often to see if they are still OK.  It is amazing to pick them up and sometimes I can tell they have put on weight in a matter of 12 hours.  I don’t weigh them every day.  But I can definitely tell the weight gain by  simpley picking them up!

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