Kansas Beagle Puppies Begin the Training Process!

Our little beagle puppies began a training adventure today!  I removed their comfortable carpet from their whelping area.  In its place, I put shredded papers on one side of their whelping area.  The goal is to teach them to potty on shredded papers.  The other side of their whelping area has a carpeted area.  So basically they have a sleeping/eating area    AND a potty area!  A NEW thought for them.  Believe me, at this stage they don’t get it!  It is merely an introduction!   They are not even walking yet!  But they sure do crawl really well!  I am hoping walking will encourage them more in this area.    What really encourages them is when they start to eat dog food.  Right now they are still nursing mama beagle, Jolly.  She does a fine job

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