Kansas Italian Greyhounds Puppies have Dews Claws Removed!

Our little Italian Greyhound puppies have all suffered thru the process of dew claw removable!  It is one of my least favorite tasks!  But Oh, so necessary when they are grown.  This is the one toe that doesn’t touch the ground on the front feet.  If it is not removed, italian greyhounds can suffer engrown toenails when the nail gets really long.  It doesn’t touch the ground so it grows extremely fast.   I did this process yesterday and I am quite pleased to announce that ALL of them are healing really NICELY.  I don’t think they even remember what happened yesterday.  I started the socialization process today and I take time to talk to them so they will learn to recognize my voice.  Even at this young age, I make a point to handle my Iggy puppies.  It is very important to their development.

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