Kansas Beagle Puppies Get Photo Today!

Our little Beagle puppies got their pictures taken today!  Most of them cooperated really well!  Mama, Jolly, was a little curious where I was taking her puppies!  Not to worry, we took her precious beagle puppies 2 rooms over to the photo area.  She was relieved when I brought her darlings back to her.  They seem to be adjusting to their new area of paper shreds.  I think maybe a few have put some pottys there like they are supposed to.  Mama beagle seems to feel the need to rearrange her house.  She likes adjusting the paper shreds to prove it is her house, not mine!  I just smile and continue separating her house into 2 areas:  carpet on one side and paper shreds on the other.  Maybe one day soon, she will accept the fact that one side will be the bathroom for her babies and the other side will be the bedroom for the babies.

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