Kansas Italian Greyhound Still Waiting for Puppies!

Our little Italian Greyhound, Lucy, is still waiting for her puppies to be born!  I keep looking at that HUGE belly and wondering how much bigger it can get without Exploding!  She has the largest BELLY, I have eveer seen in a pregnant Iggy!  I seriously wonder how many babies are growing in there.  I have visions of 8-10!  That is huge for an Italian Greyhound!  I just don’t know what to think, and I am tired of guessing! 

My only concern is that they all are healthy and that she is physically capaable of feeding such a large litter.  Honestly with her FAT size, I expected her to deliver a week ago, although today was my best calculated due date.  Little Hoppy Hope wasn’t half her size and she delivered 5 babies.  I just checked on Lucy an hour ago and guess what she is STILL eating!  This is not what I wanted to see!  Just before delivery, generally ,   the mamas STOP eating!   So I may have to wait another day or 2 before I see her load of babies!  It is truly amazing at her size, she still scales the whelping box sides with ease.  She is still jumping in and out with no steps to assist her.  The whelping box is about 10 inches tall!  I did try placing steps to help her out.  She completely and deliberately chose to step around them and ignore them.  My Lucy girl just loves to Jump!

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