Beagle Puppies Learning to Potty on Paper!

Our little beagle puppies are catching on to pottying on the paper, instead of the carpet in their napping area.  I am proud of them!  I have been watching several of these babies leave their napping area and go to paper to potty!  They are certainly NOT housebroken, but they are understanding the beginning process.   I would grade them with an “A” from Puppy preschool!  Certainly far from the “College DEGREED Dogs”  that politely tell their owners with a pleasent yap to send them outdoors for a potty break!   But, they are definitely traveling the road to ” Pleasant, Polite Doghood” !!    Mama Beagle is also helping in this process.  She now insists on nursing only on the carpet, not the paper potty area.  What a smart Beagle Mama!

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