Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppy Held by a 3 Year Old!!

Our Italian Greyhound puppies were introduced to my 3 year old son tonight!  He insisted on holding one of the puppies!  He really likes to check on the doggies with mama!  But, generally he enjoys playing with the dog equipment rather than petting puppies!  Our Iggy puppies didn’t seem to mind the special visit!  After all, it is just some extra loving for them!  And besides, they cannot see yet.  Their eyes are still sealed shut.  Mama, Hope seemed a little nervous with this visit.  I saw her move all the puppies to the back of the whelping area.   Italian Greyhounds are excellent mamas and they are always on guard when it comes to their babies.   Occasionally, our farm dog, Gus,  peeks in the windows to see what interesting things are going on in our wonderful kennel building.  He extremely frusterated that he is never allowed inside!  Seeing Ole Gus peering in the windows generally stirs our Iggy mamas to a few excited barks of warning!  Nobody messes with Italian Greyhound puppies unless mama approves!!

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