Kansas Italian Greyhound Puppies FINALLY Arrive!!

Lucy and her NEW PUPPIES!

My little Italian Greyhound, Lucy,  Finally had her puppies!  I checked on her very late last night and was very dissappointed to see no puppies!  However, SURPRISES were waiting for me this morning!  I am so thrilled!  7 VERY PLUMP, healtthy puppies!!  We have 2 new BLUE girls:  Charity and Sarah.   1 BLUE boy:  Ethan with very little white markings.  1 ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous:  RED Fawn Girl: PRISSY!  I think she is my TOP PICK in this litter.  1 seal girl:  Felicity.    1 Red BOYwith white markings:  Mario.   And 1 lovely RED BOY  with Black FACE:  LaMont.

I am absolutely thrilled with this new litter!  Such a variety of colors to choose from!  Plus I am very glad that Lucy did not have 10 babies waiting for me.  She was so HUGE, I was a little concerned.  7 babies is a very managable amount for this Little Italian Greyhound mama.   Lucy is the most outgoing, ornery IG that I own!  She is just precious!  Always demands that I pet her 1st!   And such a good mama to her babies!  She didn’t even try to rip up her carpet in her whelping area like most mamas!  Maybe she was so HUGE, she simpley lacked the energy to root around and totally rearrange her house before the babies were born!   At any rate, it makes life easier for me!

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  • sheila.asher

    I can’t wait to see the pictures of these beauties. It looks like a nice variety of colors.